Thursday, February 4, 2010

Missionary or Secret Agent?

Sister Hurst sure is having some wild adventures! Here is her latest story. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

So we parked the other day in a semi-ghetto neighborhood. The S.L.C. Sisters had just called us so we were sitting in out car talking with them. We had quite a long conversation because we needed some information. It was about two o-clock in the afternoon. I was focusing on the phone conversation, when Sister Beckstrand looked at me and said, "Open your door." I looked at her confused and then again she said with more urgency, "Open your Door." Then a third time she said that I reacted and did what she told me. I opened my door.

At the same time that Sister Beckstrand was telling me to open my door, I looked out the car window and saw a young black man, in a dead sprint toward our car. He had in his hand a black purse. Behind him were two other black guys running as fast as they could. The second I opened the car door, it clicked in my mind what was happening. The first man had stolen the purse and he was making his get away. The other two men were chasing him to get it back. So...this is the best part of the story. Because I opened my door I nailed the thief pretty hard. I opened it at the exact second the I should have. He his the door, rolled off and kept running. I slowed him down a lot! The men that were running after him caught up to him and by the time they were out of our sight they were withing 10 feet of the thief. It was a crazy thing. I have replayed that moment in my head over and over again and I can't believe that it actually happened. I have never been involved in crime fighting before. It feels pretty good.

The whole time this is going on the SLC Sisters just kept talking and Sister Beckstrand calmly responded. My heart was pounding of course. We told the Sisters the story and they were wowed by it. One of the Sister said, "Oh how entertaining tracting is." We finished our phone conversation then we drove around the corner to try to locate the family that had been the victims. We found them pretty easily. They were all outside cleaning up the glass. The purse had been in the car, and the car window got bashed out. The family was in the front room of their house so they heard it. That is why they had ran out so quickly and chased down the thief. We found out that the thief had finally thrown the purse in the ditch and kept running. Yea!!!! We told the people about the missionary work we were doing. They said that we could come back, on a better day:) Then they told us to go visit an old lady in the neighborhood, which was a good referral.