Thursday, January 28, 2010


We haven't been very good at updating Sister Hurst's blog while she's been gone but she hasn't been forgotten! She is doing great. We talked to her on Christmas and she was sounding like a southern woman with lots of y'alls and a little bit of an accent. She's currently serving in the Hattiesburg, MS area and says she loves it. She just got a brand new companion so she is training her. We also found out she comes home April 21st! We are so excited! Here are a couple of parts from her letter this week.

I wish it was Christmas again so I could talk to you and tell you of the great things that are happening here. I have so much to write and not very much time because I was reading all the e-mails. Things are going great and I feel like I am starting my mission fresh. I have felt a greeny fire this week that I am so excited about.

My new comp is wonderful. She is freakily like me. Her name is Sister Beckstrand and she is from Centerville, UT. She played softball at Snow College and Rugby at BYU. She has a family of six. She is the second and her older sister served a mission as well. She is a hard worker like me. Very similar family life. Loves sports and people. Happy, here for the right reasons. We are going to have a wonderful time I can already tell. It just meshes.

We just picked up a new branch to work in too. We have a lot of work to do! We are going to go to the Collins branch in a few weeks and see what we can do. We went to a church building in the Jackson area. We sat in meetings with the new missionaries and got to meet the new sisters. Then we took them out tracting. I went with Sister Beckstrand. We knocked on one door and it was an old Baptist woman that let us right in and talked our ear off. She wouldn't even let us get through the first lesson. She was content with her church, just loved having visitors. After we got out of there Sister Beckstrand asked, "What do we do if they are content and happy where they are?" I answered we can't do anything unless they are searching. As I answered her and listened to her MTC experiences it hit me! Oh how much I have learned since I have been here. I am so changed and so different from that little girl that came out a year ago.

We have some good things going here and really have seen miracles in the past week or so. We are hitting the ground running tomorrow! I'll let you know how it goes.
Here she is talking to her fam on Christmas Day!